Harriet Hammel

Soft Sculptor

The Beano

The Beano - Click for larger version

The Beano embroidery was done in the early 1970's and is included in the book "European Illustration '77 '78 (edited by Edward Booth-Clibborn), and was exhibited  with the other artists' and illustrators' work, at the Pompidou Centre in Paris - one of the first events to take place there.

Not any Old Iron

Part of the Kitchen Software series immortalising past appliances, the iron is made of PVC and organza over a calico shape, polyester fibre filling. It is a complex shape with many curves in 3 dimensions. The sole plate is silver satin, with organza overlays and embroidered to recreate the exact scorch marks of my iron. Note the working of the flex!
Price  £250


Part of the Kitchen Software series immortalising past appliances, the kettle is made of PVC with organza panel, hand embroidered details. Separate base. This is my latest work (April 2012) and brings my soft sculpture to a new dimension, in that it is hollow and has see-through bits.
Price  £350


AK 47

Part of the Weapons of Soft Construction series, the rifle is made of satin stuffed with polyester fibre. The sights are PVC and organza. Price: £350.

Gaddafi's Golden Gun

Gaddafi's Golden GunGaddafi's Golden Gun - reverse

Gold material with corduroy handle. It is "etched" with tiny machine stitching, with the name "Muammar" on both sides. It measures 20cm x 15cm and is made of gold-coated material stuffed with polyester fibre. Price  £200

Marmite Jar

Marmite Jar

Black PVC with hand-embroidered label. Polyester filling.
Price  £60

Love it / Hate it Marmite Jar

  Love It  Hate It

The same as the Marmite Jar above, but with "LOVE IT" on one side and "HATE IT" on the other.  A matter of choice which is front/back!
Price  £80

Warhol's Pop-Art Soup

Andy Warhol's Pop Art can

Inspired by Andy Warhol's iconic Campbell's Soup print. Satin, hand embroidered, polyester filling.
Price  £ 120


Made of satin stuffed with polyester fibres, it has embossed logo, embroidered hot elements inside, a knob which slides up and down and a knob which turns. The slice of burnt toast is made of foam rubber and organza.  Price - £250Unilit Toaster - side view

Unilit Toaster - viewed from above


A Stick of Brighton Rock

A soft stick of Brighton rock, made from satin stuffed with polyester fibre, embroidered name (mirror imaged on other end), embroidered label, organza wrapper.  Other place names can be made to order.  Price - £40. 

Stick of Brighton Rock Stick of Brighton Rock Stick of Brighton Rock

Silver Skull

Silver Skull

Made out of polyester filling and shiny silver fabric, the teeth are individually made out of thin ivory colour material. There are 18 teeth in the upper jaw and 20 in the lower jaw.

Price: £350.00

Montana Spray Can

Soft Spray Can

A soft replica of one of the spray paint brands preferred by graffiti artists. 

Size : 20 Cms high

Price: £60

Soft Gun


The bullet chamber revolves and can be removed.  It contains 6 gold bullets, all made of fabric and stuffed with polyester filling. Price: £175.Soft Gun

Soft Gun

Mouse in Trap

Mouse in Trap

Price: £10

Golden Syrup

Size: 12 x 9 cm
Golden Syrup Tin
Harriet has made a few Lyles Golden Syrup tins because she liked the design of them. In the same 'genre' are Marmite jars, Campbells soup tins (Andy Warhol inspired), Swan Vesta matchboxes and Gitanes cigarette packets.

Pictured item now Sold. However these or similar items can be commissioned.

My friend's mum asked if....



Softuki Motorbike

The Artist shows off "Softuki" complete with Velvet Biker's Jacket and soft crash helmet

Harriet's friend's mum worked in a building society in Ilford, and asked if she had anything eye-catching to fill their shop window. 

At the time, she had been making themed clothes and had just made the velvet bikers jacket, but it wasn't enough to fill the window, so she offered to make a motorbike to go with it !! It only took about 3 weeks to design and 'build', and was very irksome, as it got bigger and heavier during production.  Harriet went to a local showroom with a tape-measure and took a few notes and sketches and a brochure, and built the motorbike from them.

It is made from satin, jumbo cord for the tyres, stuffed with Kapok, and joined up with hand stitches.  A Droopy Softuki. See the expression of the passing cyclistThe finer details (speedometer dials etc.) are hand embroidered, and the work is "signed and dated" by the artist in the number plate,  "HPH 80V " being the artists's initials and the year and letter of manufacture.  On the engine, has been embroidered "Made in Walthamstow". The mileometer reading is Harriet's birthday.

Note the expression on the face of the passing cyclist in this picture.


Exterior view of the Kebab(ish) Installation, Walthamstow

For the 2007 E17 Art Trail, Harriet filled the window of Penny Fielding's "Beautiful Interiors" shop in Walthamstow with a site-specific installation, entitled "KEBAB(ISH)". It certainly drew in the crowds.

It looked just like a real kebab shop, all the more surprising as the shop was in a very posh establishment in Walthamstow Village, and all the other eateries in the area are pretty up-market.

Interior view of the Kebab(ish) Installation with the artist herself enjoying a bite Kebab(ish) installation - detail of the refrigerated food display

A refrigerated food display made from foam rubber, organza, electric cable and clear plastic. 

Containers are made of satin and polyester fibre, containing embroidered organza cucumber and tomato slices, jalapeno peppers and shredded onions and red cabbage.

Kebab(ish) installtion - detail of the chip fryer

A chip-fryer made of satin and polyester fibre. The chip net is knitted wool, the chips are yellow fabric stuffed with polyester.  The oil is made of gold coloured shiny material and the knobs are hand-sewn.  You can see a bain-marie to one side and the grill on the other.

The complete installation is available for Hire.

Champagne bottle

Champagne Bottle

Made of satin stuffed with polyester fibre.  Embroidered label, can be a customised label with your choice of name or dates. Ideal for a wedding or birthday present.

Size: 320 x 80mm.

Price: £50


Exploding champagne bottle

Exploding Champagne bottle



Made of satin stuffed with polyester fibre; organza, sequins and glass beads splash. Embroidered label. Cork included.

Size: 380 x 80mm

Price: £75.00

Sew Doku pin cushion

Sew Doku pin cushion

Made of satin stuffed with polyester fibre, embroidered numbers.

Size: 70 x 70 x 35mm

Price: £15.00

Soft Cigarettes

Lucky Stitch - Cigarette Packet

Embroidered satin with individual cigarettes, stuffed with polyester wadding.

Size: 60 x 80 x 20mm

Price: £40.00

Smashed Cola Bottle

Smashed Cola Bottle

This is made out of quilted satin, embroidered details and glass beads and sequins for the bubbles. 

Size : 25 x 15cm

Price: £70.00

Pencils and Biros

Soft pencils and biros

Lifesize pencils and biros.

Price: £10.00 each 







The Ricard Ashtray

Ashtray and Cigarettes Price : £55.00 

Inspired by the 2007 smoking ban and the New Year's Resolutions season, it takes an almost nostalgic look at smoking.

It consists of 14 separate sections with hand-embroidered logo on the three sides.  The soft cigarette, butt and ash are entirely made of fabric, with closely studied burning ash embroidered at the tip.

Black ashtray with cigarette and ash

Black Astray with cigarette

Price: £25




Burning cigarettes

Price: £12.00 each

Soft Laptop

Soft laptop computer

A soft replica of a VAIO Sony laptop.

Made of black cotton material, it has the logo quilted on the top.  It has embroidered scart sockets, on the edges.  The screen is finished in organza, the keys are individually sewn, embroidered and stuffed painstakingly with micro balls from a cushion. 


Price: £1,100

Velvet Biker's Jacket

The front view of the Velvet Biker's Jacket as worn by the artist on the motorbike above.

Made of panne velvet and lined in satin. The studs are made of satin filled with foam rubber, satin buckles, chain crocheted in silver thread, appliqué badge, embroidered with the initials H.H. and the date of manufacture. 

Not for sale.

Tattooed Jersey

Tattooed garment

Made of silk jersey with hand-embroidered tattoos
on front and sleeves.

Not for sale.

American Tourist jacket

American Tourist Jacket


Small size, lined, with appliqué camera, maps and credit card

Price: £95.00

Artists smock

Artist's Smock

Made in cotton, size small, with appliqué palette and embroidered paints, pencils under net pockets. 

Price:  £75.00